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"We all know through the letters of Macaulay to his sister (1813) about the history of the purpose of English education, which was to produce people who might appear of look-like Indians but shall be English in spirit and habits of mind and this is too well-known a story. But the mainstream education has certainly had one very clear effect and that is — it has uprooted us in the sense that there is complete disjunction with our tradition of thinking. It infuses in us some kind of a spirit of self-denigration (heenabhavna). Apart from being ignorant that there is something like Indian thought, there is a presumed opinion about that thought (‘purana hogaya hai’ — it has been superseded by new structures of knowledge etc. etc.). This self-denigration then produces a loss of self-respect (absence of swabhimana) and we become uncritical receivers and applicators of ideas."

Kapil Kapoor, Keynote address delivered on February 18, 2001, at the National Seminar on Decolonizing English Education, Department of English, North Gujarat University, Patan (Gujarat, India)

100 copies on cassette, project is now called Wolves of Heaven


released March 1, 2013

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Track Name: Strategies Against Identity
That well known story, of uprooting the self from the past.

Against tradition,
Against nature.

Spirit of self-denigration,
Supersede knowledge,
Loss of self respect.

Uncritical receivership of ideas;
There is nothing but our empty void.
There is nothing but our godlessness.
There is never an acceptable reason for leaving.

That well known story, of people as data to the invading theory.

Emulate the spiritual void.
There is never a legitimate reason for leaving.

There is nothing but us.
There is nothing.
There is nothing left.
There is nothing,
There is nothing left inside.
There is nothing.
There is nothing left to lose.
There is nothing.
Track Name: The Noble Pursuit
We are your wolves of salvation,
So give us your wretched and barbaric hearts,
And lay down your repugnant arms.

We will remove your savage idolatory and superstition.

Pay attention:

Your interests no longer represent utopia.

Your past is irrelevant.

The entire world is no longer your family.

Vasudev kutumbkam is irrelevant.

We are your wolves of salvation.
We are your protectors.
Track Name: Filter Downwards
Opinion, morals, and intellect betray your blood and genetics.

But no matter how well you serve,
Your blood and genetics will betray your opinion, morals, and intellect.

The flawed cultural elite.
The most laughable lapdog of all:
Roll over.
Track Name: One Infinite, Desecrated and Godless
Such wealth.
Such high moral value.
Such calibre.
Such heritage.
Such nobility.

Break the mind, break the body,
And conquer the unconquerable.

What we want:
A truly dominated nation.
What we will get:
Generations of ruin, drifting across the globe.

"Draconian dragon of gargantuan globalization."

All spirituality: Extinct.
All sweet souled sympathy for religion: Extinct.
All ideality: Extinct.

Let India die.

The duality of lust and luxury: Forever Reign.
Sacrifice the human soul: Forever Reign.

Let India die.

I bow down to thee.