Soldiers Field

by Column of Heaven

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Cassette, released on Survivalist, as part of the record release version of Mission from God.

50 copies.

Sold Out

"I picked her up in the Chapeltown area, she asked me if I was the police, I said, 'No, do I really look like a policeman?' She decided to get into the car, and suggested where we go. We ended up in what I knew later as Soldiers Field."

"She told me to drive to the park. At this time you knew where I was picking them up. She told me where to drive and we came to this big field which was on my left. I drove off the road onto the field and stopped near some toilets. She wanted to use the toilets, so she got out and went over to them. She came back and said they were locked. Before she went to the toilet she took off her coat and placed it on the ground. When she came back she said she would have a wee on the ground. She took her boots off and placed them on the ground, then she crouched down to have a pee. By this time I was out of the car and I had my hammer in my hand."


released July 1, 2012

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